Using Episerver Search with FIPS Mode

Until recently, it was not possible to use Episerver’s search features on a FIPS enabled server — something that is quite common with government servers.

With the latest update to the NuGet package (version 9.0.2), you can configure the Lucene search engine so that it doesn’t use MD5 encryption (the culprit that causes FIPS mode to cry foul). It’s also a very simple change.

Open your web.config file and find the section. Then add a fipsCompliant=”true” attribute to it.

< fipsCompliant="true">
    <add name="local" description="local" allowLocal="true" readonly="false" />
  <namedIndexes defaultIndex="default">
      <add name="default" directoryPath="[appDataPath]\Index" readonly="false" />

Reindex the site afterward, and everything should work as expected.

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